Real Talk, but that $297 copy template won’t build the legacy you’re dreaming of.

Real Talk, but that $297 copy template won’t build the legacy you’re dreaming of.

It’s time to ditch those “copy that convert$”  templates that never *actually* taught you how to write better. You deserve professionally whipped up words that will make your dream clients fangirl harder than a Swiftie (AKA buy all your offers).

If you’re ready for a fresh take on all your content writing and sales copy needs…


fan·girl | \ ˈfan-ˌgər(-ə)l

They’ve got 🎵 that James Dean daydream look in their eyes 🎵 whenever you talk about your offers AKA they’re ready to buy *even* before you’ve launched them publicly. Not to mention they literally can’t stop raving about how you’re the BEST thing to happen since the Everything but Bagel seasoning. Don’t be surprised, if you find that they have a special folder for every single post and email you release into the wild.

Client reviews that made my day/week/year 


YOU’RE WAY TOO LEGIT NOW (with your 6-figures and all that jazz) TO *STILL* BE WINGING YOUR COPY.

You’ve been around the online biz block long enough to know a “copy that converts” template won’t be the thing that will get you $135k worth of enrolments (on repeat).


Because it doesn’t incorporate voice of customer data (AKA your soulmate clients verbiage) which is at the core of conversion-happy copy.

Thing is, the writing you learned in English class with Mr Anderson isn’t exactly the kind that will make your leads-on-repeat come true either…

Want to know what will?

message mining + 
psychology-driven copywriting.

Combined, these two have the potency to…

🌶 Inspire out of the blue “I just found you 10 seconds ago” soulmate clients, paying-in-full to work with you

🌶 Create an undeniable connection between you and your client that’s SO undeniable, they want to stay in your world 4ever.

🌶 Call in your “Let’s fuckin go, I don’t need a sales call” kind of clients lightning FAST

🌶 Be the FIRST person they think of when they need someone like you

🌶 Give you the breathing room you need to scale your biz into an empire

🌶 Skyrocket your confidence that your copy is handled by a pro with 7+ years of wordsmithing under her belt

If that has your heart fluttering in a “I scored FRONT row Taylor Swift Eras tour tickets” kinda way, read on coz….

I’ve got a few ideas…

Content Capsule Intensive

There’s nothing more frustrating than being stuck in the hamster wheel of “I don’t know what to post!”. I get you. Been there. Done that. And I’ve been frustrated as heck with that. When you book a content capsule intensive you’ll walk away with 15 content pieces that will get both you and your audience excited.

Cut The Crappy Copy

Hire me to cut the crappy copy in your biz and you’ll get your very own copy editor-on-the go. I’ll copy edit your social media copy/sales page/ emails and hand it back to you in just 48 hours. 


Are you a multi-hyphenated entrepreneur who’s pumped to *finally* outsource the brain-cell draining writing tasks and craves for a consistently warmed up audience that’s ready to buy like yesterday? Book my monthly Unwritten retainer package to get hooked up with 12 long-form pieces of social media copy and 4 freshly written emails every month. 


Are you a coach or course creator that’s ready to drop the newbie entrepreneur tag and confidently launch their offer, cross out any of your “write launch copy” tasks on your Asana.

Ready to sing along to this song?

🎵 With every paper cut scar on my hand, I take this magnetic force of a woman as myyy copywriter…🎵

Sales copy not converting?

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Word on the street is…